Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Beginning to look alot like.......What a MESS!

I know that is has been awhile since I last posted!  WOW!  Quite a while.  I think that life may be getting somewhat back to normal so I am going to try to manage this blog again.  My family has had a lot of trials and tribulations over the last 6 months or so.  Loved ones lost unexpectedly, sickness in the family and then just plain ole life that seems to sometimes get in the way of keeping up with the blog.  This past weekend I have had the pleasure of diving back into the crafting world, so I will be sharing a few projects that I have been working on and maybe you will get inspired to also dive  back into the craft pile.

I will start by saying that Saturday, I made a scarf in 5 minutes time.  There is some new yarn out there called swerve and I gave it a try.  5 Minutes people is about all you need oh and of course how to make a slip knot.  Red Heart makes the yarn in several colors.  I picked the camo looking print.  See the pick below.
I also finished one made with another type of yarn that had been sitting on the side table by my chair for almost a year!  It takes a little longer than the last one, but it is also fun to make and fairly simple.

I also had some clear ornaments left from last year, so I decided to work on those too!  In order to make these ornaments you will need the following items:
  Clear ornaments, I used the round and the big flat, rounds that you can get at Walmart.
  Glitter, color of your choice
  Liquid Hair Spray,  I Used White Rain
  Vinyl snowflakes,  I cut my own with my cricut machine

I made mine in Blue, Green, (Seahawk colors), lol

Start your project by removing the cap and set aside;  Pour a little amount of the liquid hairspray into the ornament and swirl around so that you have coated all of the inside.  Pour any remaining hairspray back into the bottle.  Take an ample amount of glitter and pour into the ornament and shake it all around while holding your finger over the opening.  Make sure you have the inside completely covered.  Once you do this, if there is any glitter left, dump it out and rest your ornament upside down to dry overnight.
The next day you may finish your ornament by embellishing it however you choose.  I used some snowflakes cut from vinyl on my cricut.  I also cut the lettering with my cricut in white vinyl.  Enjoy!

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